The Man Who Saved Christmas


Biography / Drama / Family / War

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Edward Asner as Charles Gilbert
Jason Alexander as A.C. Gilbert
Kelly Rowan as Mary
Jayne Eastwood as Mrs. Gilbert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 6 / 10

One man making his dreams worthwhile.

A very charming feel-good seasonal tale of a man with strong dreams and expectations. Jason Alexander plays Erector Set inventor, A.C. Gilbert, who is asked by the Government to urge citizens to cancel Christmas during the first world war and buy bonds instead of toys. Gilbert turns his toy manufacturing plant in a war supply plant making gas masks, bomb casings, chemical suits and bayonets among other things. Gilbert has a change of heart and goes with his deepest and long fostered dreams. He goes before the nation's Defense Counsel and gets permission to go back to making his toys. The toy maker still kept manufacturing war supplies, but also turned his own home into a producing center for more Erector Sets. After the war, Gilbert continued manufacturing Erector Sets, Chemistry Sets , Magician Trick Sets, trains and other toys for over forty years.

Alexander is outstanding in this role and light-years away from his obnoxious role on TVs "Seinfeld". Also in the cast are Kelly Rowan, Ari Cohen, Ed Asner and Jake Brockman. Entertaining for all ages.

Reviewed by RoamingTigress 10 / 10

A new favorite

I caught The Man Who Saved Christmas in the wee hours of this Christmas on Book Television, and I have got to say, it become a favorite of mine. I am planning on ordering the DVD and adding it to my collection of my other holiday classics.

Outside of his voice acting in the "Aladdin" series and sequels, I've never been a big fan of Jason Alexander's work. That was, however, before I saw this movie. His performance as A. C. Gilbert was believable and touching, as was the other aspects of the movie.

While "The Man Who Saved Christmas" is a Christmas movie, it is one that I believe can be viewed at any time of the year. It gives one hope during a difficult time.

Reviewed by toriwells2002 10 / 10

a great surprise movie!

I taped this movie when it first came out and have watched it every year since. I was about to put it in tonight while wrapping gifts and realized, the tape is wearing out and just ordered it on DVD. It should be a yearly classic.

I'm not a fan of Jason Alexander, from Seinfeld but I have to give him credit. He did very well in this movie, I was so surprised. This is a true story.

It is a very well thought out movie, it has heart and I highly recommend it. watch it with an open mind.

Kelly Rowan and Ed Asner did very well.

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