The Intent 2: The Come Up



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by skipper-23169 1 / 10

Doesn't make sense

Why would characters who have died from the first film be in the second, usually first films carry on into the second which can take the audience on a journey. It made no sense to me at all, the acting was quite poor after high expectations and anticipation to see what all the fuss is about it was so annoyed to waste my time to watch something that wasn't leading anywhere the timelines were not good, and Caribbean accents were so poor, I would have been more grateful to see young Jamaican talent being invovled in this movie at least then the Caribbean accents would be have natural and authentic. We really do need story lines from black writers within the UK that can draw and educate the audiences, and draw them into a journey to learn more about the characters and the film itself

Reviewed by Soris23 2 / 10

I really wanted to like it...

I really wanted to support the cause and I did make it through to the end credits. BUT it really was bad. It reminded me of one of those really bad soap dramas on terrestrial TV when you're abroad. In fact that's pushing it, at least those soaps have a plot you can understand even if you can't understand what they're saying!

It felt like different parts of the film were made by different people with different skill levels, different budgets, different visions and different scripts. Like they all went off and made their bit independently, then someone else tried their best to stick all the pieces together and make sense of it all.

Some good scenes, music and even 'some' good acting. But so far and few between. So much of it was that bad it was almost painful to watch. A real shame especially after the first one. Two stars because I feel bad it was that bad.

Reviewed by neil-476 5 / 10


This is a film about a turf war in East London between the black gang run by Bev from her hairdressers salon, and the Turks, who are looking to take over. One of Bev's gang is working for the Turks without her knowledge. He is sent, with others, to Jamaica to carry out a hit on someone. When they return to the UK, things come to a head.

I'm not a young urban black man, I'm on old rural white bloke. Despite the script being in English, I could only understand one work in three, the urban patois being so unfamiliar and the accents so impenetrable. When they got to Jamaica, that went up to one in five, or worse. The film needed subtitles.

I hope it's not racist to say that I simply didn't understand the dialogue enough to follow what was happening - there was a period when some of them were in prison, then they weren't, for instance, and I didn't know why.

I hadn't heard of this film or its predecessor (which I hadn't seen). I think it might be quite good, but I'm really not sure.

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