The Courier


Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.4 10 1773


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Olga Kurylenko as The Courier
Dermot Mulroney as Special Agent Roberts
Gary Oldman as Ezekiel Mannings
William Moseley as Agent Bryant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnhow-82589 4 / 10

Wasted Talents

What's Kurylenko and Oldman doing in such a poorly scripted and directed movie?

Watch out for:

1. Writers' limited vocabulary is confined to the F word and screaming fits

2. A bunch of henchmen strolling around in circles in a parking structure

3. The heroine, ex-Bond girl is the female version of John McClane.

4. You'll be eager to walk out of the cinema midway through the movie and certainly don't care if the good guys slice or die.

Don't waste your time and money on this movie.

Reviewed by samnlm 10 / 10

The Hero Got Punched in the Crotch...

I had to hit the rewind button to see it again. I've never seen a woman get punched in the nether region with full force, in any movie; even though it's just acting, I felt the "ouch" and I'm just sitting in the audience. I like how our hero takes on the strongest killer with a windshield wiper. I almost didn't watch the movie due to the 4.4-rating but it was a good enough action movie to see on a Saturday night. Movies are made for entertainment and I was entertained. Nice work!

Reviewed by LoremIpsum321 7 / 10


The low rating is completely off, in my opinion. Some trash productions get praise by fake reviews and sometimes also by real ones, but something like The Courier gets totally smashed? Yeah, suuure...

In terms of action, and hence entertaining, it delivers. The film uses a limited setting and a limited timeframe for its story, not many nonsense distractions, it's rather straight to the point. That's what I personally like in action thrillers.

Kurylenko did a good job, Oldman falls short, Shah is OK, Moseley pretty bad. Aim the hand-to-hand fighting parts for realism or for certain Hong Hong ingenuity? Nope. Do villains make stupid mistakes and sometimes also the heroine? Happens, quite typical for the genre, so who cares, it's fiction and not the reinvention of action cinema.

Of course, the story is simple, characters not complex and dialogues rather basic, but who watches a film like this for that? What do some people expect here, Shakespeare?

You want something simple that won't win Oscars, just to sit back and relax, then you could do a lot worse.

Normally I would give it a very solid 6, but now a 7 it is.

PS: One here compared it to Salt in terms of how it's done right... What on earth? Salt is way more unrealistic in every way, had a much, much higher budget and is still just the inferior flick, but that's my opinion. Anna was recommended instead by another one, which wasn't bad, but also not as entertaining and for sure a lot less believable, just like Salt. Those 2 films were more 'complex', pretentious and stupid, with more money put in and those idiotic spy-'twists' of which I'm sick of. Another one said the soundtrack was bad... Huh? Well, I found it to be atmospheric and fitting. I better don't want to know what that person considers a good OST then.

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