SGT. Will Gardner


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Max Martini as Will Gardner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Australian1 9 / 10

I wish Veterans got a better deal...

Since the Vietnam War, when friends were conscripted and I missed out, I wanted to join up for my country.... Glad I didn't, I may not be alive today even if I did come home! I read way back, years ago about the number who committed suicide after they came home and just couldn't adjust, almost as many died at home as did in combat! Disgusting way to abandon Vets after any conflict they wee involved in! If this movie doesn't stir some emotions, then the viewer must have a heart of stone!......

Reviewed by Redmarfilms 10 / 10

A Truthful Experience of the Mind, Heart and Soul

Sgt. Will Gardner is a shocking and truthful examination of what the mind of a veteran might be going through as he copes with post traumatic stress from combat. Writer / Director Max Martini sets the tone from the opening scene for the internal life of the character. The film serves both as metaphor and symbol to create the experience of the far reaches of the mind. It begs the question: how can we know what it's like in the life of a combat veteran, plagued by his memories and haunted by the loss of his humanity and ultimately of his mind. Director Martini brilliantly creates an environment in the film where we experience the veterans struggle by creating spaces in which he exists either in repression or delusion. It shows how the character tries to navigates his way out of the far reaches of his battered soul through the people he meets; all of which offer him the vehicle of empathy even though he is existing at the bottom of societies hierarchy. One of the most moving performances is by Marine veteran played by Luis Bordonada (an Army veteran himself). The way Bordonada inhabits the character is both heart breaking and brutal. One feels the extent at which the actor exists in each moment of sorrow, loss and joy of feeling alive, even if for a fleeting second. The most impressive and humbling aspect of the film is how Director Martini explores the power of cinema itself to create a tone of story layered with possibilities. Sgt. Gardner in the opening scenes of the film is found (and ripped out of) a destroyed motel room, where he is hiding in a bathroom. One might create symbolism and parallels of the motel room as his "mind" and the bathroom as his "repressions" where he is tragically lost. The act of him being ripped out of that environment is the very methodology the film then tackles through use of farce, humor, and structure of principles. What else is cinema capable of achieving? Please, do yourself a favor and watch Sgt. Will Gardner to find out what your experience might be. I had the great honor and privilege of watching the film while sitting next to a Navy Seal, and I can tell you unequivocally, that he was moved to his core... as was I.

Reviewed by rusten-88121 10 / 10

Until we all make it home...

First, I have always been a fan of Max's work. He's just one of those "dudes" that military guys can immediately associate with. It's one of those "he gets us". I was messaging with Max a few weeks ago, and less than 8 hours later I bumped into him in San Antonio. He was gracious and appreciative of my service. He told me when the film was coming out, we took a picture and parted ways. Now to the film. It started off perfectly, a Soldier on the beach reflecting, alone, not necessarily lonely, but alone with his thoughts and his ghosts. We've all been there. We meet Will at his lowest yet see that his humanity remains intact though he's clearly torn apart inside from his time "over there". We are given the opportunity to journey with him as he rides with his "ghosts" as he meets new people and reconnects with his humanity. Gary Sinise's scene was just incredible, such simple dialogue yet the connection between them and the gentle kindness of brother warriors was just fantastic. The conversations he has with "Top" are awesome, though we see Top it's really Will talking to his conscious, and that's powerful. The interactions with his son are what really stood out to me it's these kinds of interactions I have with my daughter that pull me out of those dark places we go, and to see this expressed on film when Max literally changes from dark and introspective to alive and full of boundless energy to just spend time with his son. It's charming and it resonates authenticity. Lilly Rabe was hilarious, she lightens the mood in all the right places and at the right times. Great writing and simple camera work. Before we realized that Top was a ghost, we see them talk to the old Nam vet and this scene really is wonderful in its simplicity. Will talks to the Nam vet as a fellow warrior and human he "squares away" his Boonie cap and gently places it back on his head. As the Nam vet walks away you can almost feel the pride swell in his chest as we see him stand a little more erect as he walks off and tosses his sign aside. Every vet in this generation has scars, we are only alone if we chose to be. This film shows us even if we are alone, we can find each other in the strangest places. When Will gave him the badge, a man with literally nothing to give it was a beautiful moment in the film. Watching him say goodbye to his ex-wife and son was gut wrenching, far too many of us have had to let go to what we once held onto the hardest what I appreciate most in the film, is that not everyone will get it and that's ok. To those that do don't despair. We remain... "Some make it back, but never make it home." I hope this film helps you if you need it, you aren't alone. Thanks Max...

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