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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TwistedContent 6 / 10

Neat Little Thriller

I didn't know what to expect from "Pledge" & I'm happy to say that it turned out to be a tight little indie horror/thriller.

We've seen the idea hundreds of times before, yet the director and writer managed to serve an old formula with some additional garnish. Things I liked about "Pledge" includes cinematography and editing - considering the obviously low budget, it's simply yet beautifuly shot and executed, visually it's quite appealing, starting with wide variety of shots and ending with feels-right color grading. I also enjoyed the gore & choreography - both things do not take up a lot of screentime, but when they're there, you can appreciate the effort & the result. I was also surprised about the acting, which was more decent than my sceptical mind was expecting, given the little known, young team of actors. However, the characters were not all that great - David was just begging to get killed, being quite an annoying character. The three main villains did not impress, scare or have any real impact on me as well, they were slightly underwhelming. The story is simple, entertaining, with small twists here and there - definitely holds your attention just enough.

All in all, "Pledge" will not make you go "wow", but it will entertain You for 75 straight minutes & satisfy the appetite for a good indie horror flick. A solid 6/10.

Reviewed by tjmf-66454 6 / 10

Give it a watch, and don't expect to be blown away.

Good movie, not an especially good movie, but it is entertaining enough. Interesting theme, and the acting is fairly decent. I don't know if this is an independent movie, if it is, they done a fine job. If not, it's still a worth a look. Some gore, nothing too shocking for those who don't particularly like that stuff.

I'd say it's a solid 6, but those with a keener eye for the subtext, may have a different view to mine.

Reviewed by juliewillemsenonline 7 / 10

I give this movie a sold 7.

I have just watched "The Pledge" and was pleasantly surprised. It was very watchable, had a pretty good story and a good ending. The actors were great, they did a fine job. None of them were known to me and I was again, pleasantly surprised. I can recommend this one.

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