Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BatmanFunReviews 7 / 10

I've seen way worse out there..

Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom wasn't exactly as enjoyable as the original? But i thought it was a solid and decent enough animated flick and right on point for kids to sit and be entertained by it i mean i've seen 'The Emoji Movie' and 'Sherlock Gnomes' and this was way better even tho silly but still fun in the end.

Reviewed by jacekczaja 3 / 10


Made am impression on me rhat it was concatenation of two not very decent tv to have something of cinema movie. Anyway, disapointing . My daughter (age 4) said she didn't like (when it was till running) and wanted to leave cinema which is uncommon for her.

Reviewed by ThatFilmGuy92 1 / 10

It's pretty much what you'd expect.

After witnessing what was (at the time) the worst reviewed wide release animated movie, Norm of the North, I figured that the studio wouldn't be crazy enough to make a sequel. Then I noticed the influx of Alpha and Omega DTV sequels, and I was wrong. Sorely, sadly wrong.

Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom is actually the TWO sequels Splash Entertainment put into production, hence the 91-minute runtime. The film itself doesn't even warn you that you're getting another story; it wraps up Keys to the Kingdom in about 45 minutes, and then shifts into The Arctic All-Stars with no hesitation.

Next to none of the original voice cast return for these cheap knock-offs, minus the young actress who portrays Olympia. Best guess is that she didn't have anything else to do. Andrew Toth is no Rob Schneider, and there is so much cringe just not hearing that voice in Norm's performance. The humor remains the same; toilet jokes, farts, just general juvenile stupidity. But, hey, it's a kids' movie. Who am I to judge? I'm a guy in his mid-20s who loves cartoons, even the bad ones.

However, this isn't just bad. It's more painful to sit through than the first one, if that were even possible. Save your money. Save your time. Don't do it. 0.5/5.

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