Lady and the Tramp


Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family / Musical / Romance

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Justin Theroux as Tramp
Sam Elliott as Trusty
Kiersey Clemons as Darling
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mary-lyn007 7 / 10

Yes, the original's better, but it's still not bad...

Lady and the Tramp is probably my favorite of the original batch of Disney animated movies (Aladdin's my favorite of the ones they made after I was born). However, I have to agree with some of the other criticisms of the movie. Based on the time in which they set the film, is kinda hard to believe that Jim Dear and Darling would've lived in such a nice house and had so many friends come over for the baby shower. Interracial couples just weren't a thing really in the early 1900s. They just weren't. Not in places where there were riverboats. And maybe it was because I was a kid when I saw the movie The first time, but I never realized that the Siamese cat's song was rude or offensive, but I'm also not Asian so that might contribute to it too. It would've been nice if they'd tried to fix the lyrics for the song rather than scrap it altogether. The thing they replaced it with, and what was UP with the animation of those cats, it was just weird, was unimpressive. I was also confused by their making Jock a girl, though I always thought it was spelled Jaques, I have no problem with it on the whole, it was just an "oh, I guess he's a girl now, ok." But what happened to Beaver?!

Otherwise, still a good movie. I enjoyed it. But I think I'll be sticking to my original animated version whenever I get the urge to watch Lady and the Tramp.

Reviewed by xtianarsonist 2 / 10

Reinventing the wheel.

This film is lackluster and completely unnecessary. I had no problem with an interracial couple, except that they are still living in the early 1900's. I'm pretty sure that sort of thing was illegal in most states at that time. Why not update the story to 2019? Or even the 80's or 90's? It's difficult to be culturally diverse when you are setting a film in lily white turn of the century midwestern society. At the end of the day this is just a watered down copy of the original. Is the Siamese cat depiction offensive? Sure. It is what it is for the times, though. I think it's important to see stuff like that and remember how myopic society was not so long ago.

Reviewed by djones0305 6 / 10

About what you'd probably expect

Once again Disney's live action remake of a classic animated movie hits the "well alright" mark. This definitely isn't an awful movie. The opening is actually pretty lovely, and overall the movie has a lot of nice aesthetic to it throughout. The few songs are honestly fine. Not really cringy or anything, they don't waste time on these really. The CGI of the dogs is kind of hit or miss. Some scenes it's actually pretty believable and looks great, others it can be a bit wonky. But the movie also lacks what visual luster an animated film brings, not to mention that this version is a bit longer than the animated, so the movie ends up feeling a bit laggy and drawn out. A few chuckle worthy moments, and it does pick up a bit near the end, but overall a very meh, good for playing in the background during casual night, movie. Remember this is a straight-to-video release, and you won't really face much disappointment.

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