Kill the Irishman


Action / Biography / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 44598

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Linda Cardellini as Joan Madigan
Vincent D'Onofrio as John Nardi
Val Kilmer as Joe Manditski
Ray Stevenson as Danny Greene
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by billcr12 8 / 10

Irish mobster

Ray Stevenson is Danny Greene, an Irish mobster, active in the Cleveland underworld during the 1970s. Greene started as a union organizer and within a short time, won election to the presidency of the longshoreman's guild, which he ruled with an iron fist. He was eventually an FBI informant and was a Mafia enforcer at the same time.

Greene became entangled with the traditional Italian-American La Cosa Nostra with his own crew of criminals who ran gambling operations in competition with the already established gangsters. A series of bomb explosions made Cleveland one of the most violent American cities of the era.

The movie is brutal but also has great wit and Stevenson is as charming as can be as Danny Greene. The supporting cast includes Vincent D'Onofrio, Val Kilmer and Christopher Walken, and all are as good as expected. This may very well be the best unknown and unseen crime drama ever released.

Reviewed by Frederick Smith 10 / 10

Great cast, great acting, and an absolute must-see for mafia-philes.

Great cast, great acting, and an absolute must-see for mafia-philes. Ray Stevenson and Linda Cardellini give exceptional performances as Danny and Joan Greene in this hard hitting story based on his life. Unlike many bio-dramas, this one moves along at a rocket pace, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. D'Onofrio is exceptional in this role, as is Christopher Walken, and you have to wonder how Stevenson keeps up with such powerful performers, but he does. Lots of favorite character actors dress up this larger than life scenario, including the lovely and always enticing Fionnula Flanagan as the neighbor, Mike Starr as one of Tony Lo Biano's enforcers, and Bob Gunton as the Union President who can't stand on his own. Paul Sorvino gives us the perfect NYC mob boss image and, while his role is brief, it's a performance worth watching. Val Kilmer's role as the police officer who grew up with Greene is subdued, but he carries it off with the right tone and balance to the film. Since a great film always comes down to the director, we have to give Jonathon Hensleigh a resounding round of applause for this fascinating and entertaining portrait of the under-workings of the mob. Rated R for violence, language and sexual situations, if you like films like the Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, etc, you are going to love this one. And if you are a fan of those, this needs to be added to your collection.

Reviewed by PiperDrummer29 7 / 10

To bad about the filming locations

For many of us who grew up in Cleveland during the Mafia Wars and remember quite well the bombings and killings, it is too bad that this wasn't filmed at the locations where events occurred in and around Cleveland. It takes away from a great story written by Rick Porello, and a pretty damn good movie. I can't help but make faces and be annoyed by the drastic differences between the "film locations" and the "actual locations".

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