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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 5728


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Tom Hardy as Al Capone
Linda Cardellini as Mae Capone
Kyle MacLachlan as Karlock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by samahanwar 8 / 10

Tom Hardy!

I really can't understand how some people didn't like this!

Tom hardy has done in this movie everything any actor has to do!

I don't know if there will be OSCARS this year, but if yes, i think it should be his 2nd oscar noms.

Great acting material Tom!

Reviewed by dcw-deadly 9 / 10

Not a masterpiece, but an excellent portrayal of AMS

I don't normally write reviews, however after I saw how much trash this movie was receiving I deemed it necessary.

While I know this movie was slower than most, and it may not be for everyone, it is by far as bad as the reviews give it credit. It has similar pacing to Joaquin Phoenix's, They Were Never Really Here (2017), which is also an excellent movie. Both provide a similar in pace, structure and loss of belief in the character's preconceived notion of what is actually happening around them.

Tom Hardy always does a fantastic job immersing himself within his roles, and this characterization was no different. Truly one of the best actors of this generation. And for his performance alone, I recommend this movie.

After reading countless user reviews, I started to understand why most who viewed this movie did not enjoy it for what is was. It is not a action/thriller that most had anticipated going into it, but a drama; a depth into the deteriorating mind of a life long criminal.

Was this movie confusing? At times it was, as many mention the story was all over the place. This I perceived to be intentional, as Capone began to lose control, and his dementia took the reigns, the audience was forced followed suit, riding the carriage with him into madness. Many of the scenes seemed pointless after the fact, but as time progressed and the movie reached it's conclusion all of his thoughts and memories materialized, Capone was truly lost. He was a shadow of the man he once was, and those final moments of his life he was forced to face the burden of his past.

Reviewed by burlesonjesse5 7 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of Capone

"You can drop the act now". Tom Hardy couldn't drop the act if he tried. In Capone (my latest review), Hardy plays Al Capone and becomes as usual, the consignment chameleon.

Anyway Al Capone as a character, also goes by the tag Fonse (that's what everyone called him). Capone as a film, well it never has anyone saying his real name.

So OK, as something about the final year of Al Capone's decrepit life, Capone is a nightmarish breadth of view and not your typical crime drama. Shot like a TV movie but lush and gaping in its tone, Capone doesn't care whether or not you embrace its fever dream vision (bloodied detached eyeballs as a horse head metaphor are included here).

Now Capone does have a final, nasty shoot-'em-up with a gold-plated Tommy Gun. And yes, Fonse does make a few threats about cutting a poor soul's head off. But hey, Capone is not Scarface people. It's more a character study about a dude with dementia, a guy with neurosyphilis who can't control his own darn bowels. Third time director Josh Trank fashions Capone as a brute horror flick with an hallucinatory underbelly. He's not in the business of entertaining the audience. He'd rather sledgehammer his out of the box fancy.

The cast of Capone is all good with Hardy's Fonse basically hugging the screen via a mugging scowl for the ages. He is backed up proficiently with work from Noel Fisher (his son Junior), Matt Dillon (his mysterious buddy Johnny), and Linda Cardellini (his sympathetic wife Mae). Their personas are like frustrated rogues just waiting for Al to peacefully be put out of his misery.

All in all, Capone does do a good job of having shooting location New Orleans masquerading as Palm Tree-d, Palm Island, Florida. And yeah, the film's ominous score always gives you a foreboding feeling that something bad is about to happen.

Bottom line: Capone at 104 minutes, could've been a little longer in length in order to provide more insight into this last days, true-life American gangster. But for what's abruptly on screen I'll take, even if it's cinematic "hatchet man". Rating: 3 stars.

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