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Mira Sorvino as Sarah Cooke
Amanda Wyss as Alice Hollenbeck
Jeff Fahey as Huxley Wainwright
Tony Todd as Senator Benjamin Burke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dwp1948 6 / 10

A Contemporary Western - Tries To Hard - Many Flaws In Storyline

03/25/2020 - About a 5-6 star less than stellar western movie who's writer tries to hard to be philosophical and the viewers most intelligent teacher. The movie was OK, but future viewers will have to continually overlook the storyline flaws. This movie will never become a classic western and hopefully prospective viewers will watch it for what it is, a less than memorable cowboy movie. Bon Appetit'

Reviewed by badappl 2 / 10

If the Hallmark channel asked a 12 yr old to write a western

Yikes pard. The acting is more brutally wooden than Neegan's baseball bat.

The "story" is basically every cliché you can think up. Sadly it has a few really talented actors you probably like, and they are stuck in this tumbleweed of a movie.

Since it blows anyway, just let it blow away.

Reviewed by mxsuba26 1 / 10

Good sleep aid!

Well buffed out Pinkerton Detective/Cowboy - Mathias Beacher - who says little, wears all black and hunts down fugitive Confederate war criminals with his two Colt Peacemakers and Spencer carbine with the intent of hanging each one. His two bosses are both former slaves. First he offs fugitive rebel Trace Adkins and all his bros after a bizarre conversation in his barn. Then he tracks down one Confederate Capt Cooke on his ranch in the desert - played by an ancient looking Bruce Dern who is only shown in a white nightgown in every scene. Not a good look Bruce. Given that Bruce is already dying he spares him and at the same time falls for his sexy middle aged daughter - Mira Sorvino, looking pretty cute in her cow girl duds. She does not seem too bothered that Mathias came to kill her dad and falls for the guy. The bathtub scene is a bit much where Mira walks in on Mathias cleaning up his body builder body. But I guess she wanted to check out the merchandise before buying so to speak. Finally he tracks down a war criminal turned corrupt sheriff running the quaint little town of Knife Edge, a town filled with old geezer cowboys and surprisingly attractive prostitutes. The Sheriff even shoots one of the hookers over a $12 debt she owed him. What was that about? While Mathias manages to dispatch the sheriff and all his posse in a classic gun fight in the middle of the street, he ends up gut shot - basically a fatal wound. But that does not stop him from riding all the way back to Mira on her ranch. No real ending to the film to see what happened to the happy couple.

A good combination of a dumb story, bad acting, and unbelievable characters. And what is with Mathias's unusual affection for his horse. Not going there.

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