Ashes in the Snow


Drama / History / Romance / War

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James Cosmo as Mr. Stakas
Sam Hazeldine as Kostas Vilkas
Adrian Schiller as The Man Who Winds His Watch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boydpeters 7 / 10

A solid film to join the genre

Film was not a big-budget, multi continent blockbuster. But it was entertaining, and enjoyable, and achieved its objective. Overall well written, good screenplay, well edited. Captured the narrative (I assume that) they wanted us to have. Would I watch it again? I doubt it. Would I recommend it, maybe not recommend it, but if someone wanted to watch something in this class I would definitely suggest it. Full credit to all involved, if you are not sure if you want to watch it you should, they did it very well

Reviewed by schuylerskye 5 / 10

Seeing but not feeling it.

For fans of Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys, the book from which it was adapted from, it was a disappointment. I have read the book so many times and it never fails to make my heart hurt. When I heard that it would be adapted into a movie, I prepared my heart and a box of tissues for it. I was so excited for it. Sadly, they were not needed. For non readers of the book, they would probably be more accepting of this movie. To the readers and fans, they kinda cheated on by removing parts of the book that were the most heartbreaking, changing certain parts in the story and overall failing to show and evoke emotions like despair, anger, hurt...emotions I certainly felt all throughout the book. There was nothing memorable with the movie. I did not connect with any of the characters. Tbh during some major plot points they decided to keep (although there were changes, most of them big ones), I was thinking this is it, this will be the part which would change my mind about this movie but after seeing it, my reaction was meh, that was it? They really could have done a better job with the screenplay. Will I watch it again? Sorry, hard pass for me. I'd just stick with the book.

Reviewed by KulliKaljulind 10 / 10

Baltic Schindler's List

Without giving out the spoilers, it's not possible to say much. But look, I was sitting in the packed cinema hall and I had to sniff again when one of the bad guys started to smoke as I could smell the tobacco burning. And then, when there was a snowstorm, it felt like they turned the heating off. That's a first for me. Yes, it is close to home - I'm Estonian, so the scenario was the same in my country as it was in Lithuania. And in Latvia. And in Ukraine, and so on. Just replace the nazis SS with the communists NKVD and you get it why I referred to the Schindler's List. Brilliant acting, brilliant cinematography, everything worked really well together. Thanks! Please indulge yourselves and get some real cinema experience.

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